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Hey party people, well last week I was talking about Filmation, and that made me think of their most popular show- He-man and the Masters of the Universe! Did you know there is some confusion about who the Masters of the Universe are? Early episodes state that the bad guys are the Masters of the Universe. Later on it’s the good guys. Pretty weird huh? But I digress; you see I must confess I was never a big fan of He-man. When the cartoon hit I was old enough to realize how ‘baby’ the show was and it turned me off. To tell my He-man story:

It was my birthday when the He-man toys hit the stores. You see, instead of trying to get a gift for myself or my siblings on our birthdays, our mom just started to give us money and take us Toys ‘R Us. Get whatever you want she’d say- worked for me. So after looking the aisles over I saw the He-man figures. Well they looked pretty cool to me, so I picked up He-man and Stratos- not sure why I didn’t get Skeletor, maybe he was sold out at the time. Anyway, as I said He-man and the gang seem pretty cooled to me and the mini-comic was interesting as well. Then the cartoon hit, and I was not impressed. Now as a budding artist I thought the designs were awesome looking (though way too much pink and light purple in the color palette- seriously guys, why do you think there are so many gay jokes about He-man?). The back lighting effect was really cool and the stock animation often looked cool- but oui the show had about as much drama as Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. And why did He-man always let Skeletor go at the end? Even the Superfriends tossed villains in jail! But Skeletor was always free to go, just to cause more trouble tomorrow (it was a daily show after all). It wasn’t long before He-man became a bit of a joke to my sci-fi/comic book loving friends, and I pretty much agreed.

But while He-man and I never got along, He got along famously with everyone young than me! And I understand he is still gaining new young fans that discover him in reruns on Qubo and other channels like that. So the Filmation gang was doing something right! But I still can’t help feel, that if they just upped the age level a little bit they would have scored fans my age, as well as all the younger kids who did fall in love with He-man.

I never did buy another He-man figure and part of me does feel like I missed out on something. But I was happy watching the likes of Spider-man and his Amazing Friends, Thundarr the Barbarian, Voltron, Might Orbots and Pole Position, so what ya gonna do. Of course the only one of them being talked about a movie now is… He-man.

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