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Hey party people, it’s blog time. This time I thought I’d talk about toys. As you may recall, I’ve talked about being a kid of the 70’s and revering Mego toys as the best of the decade. I still own the Batcave and their other great superhero toys (all very well played with). One toy I never had, though a neighbor of mine had at least one, was the World Greatest Super-Knights collect from Mego. It was the typical great Mego 8-inch figure, but these guys came with armor(!), shields (!), and swords (holy crap swords!). I long marveled at my neighbor’s Mego knight, but no good parent gets their kid everything! I also believe they were fairly rare, as I don’t recall seeing them in a store.

Now, fairly recently I discovered, someone was remaking these toys!?

How insane (yet awesome) is that! But seriously, I’m grown man, I’d want them all (because I’m fanboy), I don’t have room for every toy collection I’d like to have and they were fairly expensive. So instead of buying them, as I’m a responsible adult, I just gushed about them!

Enter my loving wife, Sandra. One thing that is really nice about our relationship is, while we are both normal well adjusted adults, we each encourage the other not to be! So when my birthday rolled around, what did she get me? All five knights! King Arthur (in what now would be considered fruity purple tights), Lancelot, Galahad (his illegitimate son), Ivanhoe (who is really a parody of knights, didn’t anyone ever read the book!?) and the evil Black Knight (thou there never really was an evil Black Knight of heroic knights of yore).

Here’s a photo of the gang on my bookshelf, all looking rather boss, if I do say so myself. Since Arthur (although a badass in combat himself) isn’t really dress for combat, I’ve given his sword (not really Excalibur looking) to the Black Knight. That way he can look extra menacing with two blades. The one bad thing I’ll say about the figures is their ‘chainmail’ undergarments are really tight. Like they are a size or two too small. So the knights are barely more properly, so I did make them all mine (sorry purists) by cutting slits in their armpits. The slits aren’t that noticeable, and now they can raise their arms, so I’m good with it.

Oh to be eight years old again, fighting the good fight in the backyard garden. While the Mego figures might not look as well sculpted as current action figures, the current ones are often nowhere near as ‘playable’ as the Mego ones!

All right, that’s all for now, I’ll see you next week with a new Captain Rocket cartoon!

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Yes, I’ve been spending some of my spare time with one. If you’re not a child of the 70’s like me, then you might not know about the awesomeness that was/is the Mego Batcave (you can check out pictures here- ). The toy company Mego had the rights to pretty much all things superheroes back in the 60’s and 70’s. And their 8 inch figure line was clearly the best, featuring action figures with real cloth clothing- boots, capes everything, very cool. Infact the bodies were pretty much identical, only the heads and costume changed for the different characters, from say the Human Torch to Joker. One of their first playsets for the figures was the Batcave! Foldout cardstock covered in plastic, barely two stories high, and covered in cool marker illustrations. It featured the Batsignal, which yes did shine a bat shaped light on the wall, the bat pole, and the batcomputer (which was the cheapest piece of the set).

Anyway, I was lucky enough to have one as a boy, and still have it to this day. So, I pulled it out of storage and set it up the other day, bring Batman and Robin, and the Batmobile with it. They have all gone through some mighty battles, let me tell ya! These aren’t collector’s items, these are toys that saw heavy action! Infact, Riddler and Penguin (never had Joker) haven’t survived to this day. In setting it up, I knew I was missing the Batcomputer, for so long, that I don’t even remember what it looked like! So I looked online and saw pictures of it’s design! I snagged a picture, copied it in Illustrator, and tada! I now have a Batcomputer, crazy! Then I took measurements for my missing Batpole, one trip to the hardware store and- tada! I now have a Batpole! Last thing on my list is the Batsignal, thankfully I still have it, I’m sure it would cost a ton on ebay. And it kinda works, but it needs some work. Hopefully I can find someone to tighten it up and it will be smooth sailing again.

It’s pretty cool to see it all set-up again. This was my toy of toys for many years- before the Atari showed up. Watching Adam West in reruns, or the cool Filmation cartoon reruns on the vacuum tube TV, blue bath towel around my neck and having my own adventures with the dynamic duo, thanks to Mego- and my parents! If you really loved your childhood, I don’t see why you should let go of it. Sure you might have to pay bills and work a crummy job, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go back and remember the Batmoblie ripping around the house, and still be able to hold it in your hands, proof that it all happened and it was all good. Now, if only I had the Batcopter to perch on top the Batcave….

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