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Hey Party People,

Time for another Super-hero Pow! This month I’m kinda responding to an article I saw about DC Comics’ “Heroes in Crisis”. Where they mentioned, based on events in the comic, Harley Quinn is a better fighter than Batman. Now, how a former college gymnast, and currently criminally insane person is more than a match for Batman, is beyond me! But there actually is three normal humans in the DCU who can beat Batman. Not because they are popular characters, but because their character history shows they even more dedicated to the martial arts than Batman himself. Which makes sense, as Batman has dedicated his life to mastering many disciplines, not just the martial arts. So I decided to write about these three characters, who focused solely on mastering the martial arts: Bronze Tiger, Lady Shiva and Richard Dragon! To get the full lowdown check out the video!

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Diversity Part 2: How to!

Hey Party People, I'm back with part two of my look at diversity in superhero comics! As I showed in part 1, superhero comics still suffer from a lack of diversity. In case you missed it, you can check it out here: So now the question is, what can we- or...

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Blind Drawing Puzzle

Hey Party People, Got two things to talk about today. 1) In a change of format, instead of my usual trivia/info dump, Super-Hero Pow is doing a trivia game! Just something to keep the channel interesting. So in this first Puzzle Time, you have to guess which Marvel Artist drew each character...

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