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Hey Party People,

I thought I’d give Puzzle Time another shot. Based on the views last time, not a big fav! But we’re still a growing channel, so I’ll be giving it a few more tries. This time the puzzle is Masked Man- as in can you guess who the DC character (hero or villain) is solely based on a close-up image of their mask. Images are a bit blurrier than I’d like- but be free to yell at me if it’s not doable.

Now some of you might be wondering: “Where’s the usual comicbook video?” Well with Halloween around the corner, I’ve got a monster related one coming in another week or so- but instead of leaving you hanging at the beginning of the month, I posted this. Typically, a Puzzle Time should be a mid-month video. In November, things will be back to normal, so don’t hate me too much!

Anyway, back in a few weeks with some monster fun.


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Here’s my second Golden Age Hero: Ted Grant, aka Wildcat! This is pretty much how Wildcat first appeared to the world in Sensational comics #1, back in 1942. Ted was a professional boxer turned superhero after being framed for murder and hearing about Green Lantern’s crime fighting career.

Wildcat was one of the longest running characters at DC, until the New 52, where he doesn’t exist anymore. Ah well.

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Have you ever had the joy of launching a new web pages, telling all everyone you know about it and then discovery the front page link doesn’t work. Well you know how I feel now. Wow, that was bad! Good news is it’s fixed, so you can all read the new Cindy Li comic book. You could still find if you ‘walked around’ the site a bit, but now the main link works! Hopefully you all don’t hate me too much now because of it!

So please enjoy the new Cindy, the new GoldStar, and of course the new Zia!
Cindy Li 2

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Well the first issue of “Cindy Li: Three of a Kind” is available for your reading pleasure. I hope you’ll enjoy it. Feel free to drop me a line if you do or even if you don’t :) As I have mentioned, it’s a six issue mini-series, and all six issues have been produced, so no worries about me leaving you high and dry and not finishing it. This first issue really sets up all the confusion of the madcap tale. And I promise you the whole plot will be explained by issue 3- goodness knows I hate it when writers hold off on the focus of the plot until the second to the last issue. Well that’s not happing here. We have two issue of what the heck crazy fun, a reveal of what’s up, and three issues of, ok how do we get out of this mess! Hope I didn’t give too much away.

Be sure to check out GoldStar too! GoldStar is my homage to the kid superheroes of 60’s anime, like Astroboy, Prince Planet and Space Ace. The first story, if I can call it that, basically explains his world. Next month will present his first real adventure. Each story, like this month’s will be three pages long (as it was meant to be a back-up feature), so short kinetic adventures, like old Hanna-Barbera cartoons.

Lastly, there’s Zia’s weekly strip, while it’s not new material, I’m presenting it again to keep the site lively. And, as they say, if you haven’t read it, it’s new to you!

So enjoy!

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