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Hey Party People,

I hope I’m not spoiling anything here, I waited as long as I thought I should. Because now I’m going to dig into Avengers Endgame and talk about…. what the hell was that!? Now this isn’t a so-called “thing bad” video. Because for the most part, I really liked the film. But it does have a rather large flaw. I can claim this because, twice in the movie they say you can’t use time travel (time travel, why did it have to be time travel) to change history and then they went ahead and did it anyway. Creating massive time paradox(s). Now I’m sure Marvel will try to address some of these with their Disney+ series, but I have a far more elegant way of handling them. And I give you more of a comicbook ending. One where our heroes aren’t old, fat, disfigured and dead. It’s funny, for all the right things they have done in the MCU, why the hell did they think we wanted that!? Mind you, it does set-up the question, what does Marvel do when it’s time to recast? Personally I think they should just use the James Bond or Tarzan method. Just hired a new actor! But with everyone being dead, old and fat now. People are starting to think a reboot is in the air. Which I think would suck. Because, A- It would basically mean the original films didn’t happen. B- Most of all, the public only accepts reboots if it is fixing something. And there is nothing to fix about the original films, they were great. So did Marvel break the MCU, with all the paradox(s) on purpose? Just so they could reboot it? Boy, I sure how not. That sounds more like a Disney Star Wars move. And we don’t need any of that in our MCU do we. Anyway, check out the video and tell me what ya think. And tell me what your ideas are for this problem, because no matter how much we love and enjoy a movie, this is what we nerds do!


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Hey Party People,

Well here’s the real video of the month! As I said, it’s kind of a Halloween video, so I wanted to released it closer to the actual holiday- at least for those of you for are catching these as they come out. Now I’m not really a horror fan, sorry I just don’t enjoy the concept of people being killed- least of all by psychos. But I do enjoy creature features, like the classic universal horror monsters. Not to mention all the giant monsters from the 1950’s and Japan. And since I’ve got kids of my own now, it got me thinking about monsters that are kid friendly, so I made of list of ‘em. For a clue, it’s pretty freak’n obvious who #1 one is. So much so, I’m sure a lot of you will groan at it. But that doesn’t make it any less untrue. Also, you will see a shameless plug for a new interactive book of mine, “Werewolf on the Town” So if you have any little monsters who like little monsters, they might enjoy this. You can buy it where ever you buy apps, or you can check out the this link:

Ok, next month I’ll be back with more superhero stuff, as I take a closer look at Marvel’s old, fat and dead superheroes (can ya figure that one out???)!

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Hey Party People,

I thought I’d give Puzzle Time another shot. Based on the views last time, not a big fav! But we’re still a growing channel, so I’ll be giving it a few more tries. This time the puzzle is Masked Man- as in can you guess who the DC character (hero or villain) is solely based on a close-up image of their mask. Images are a bit blurrier than I’d like- but be free to yell at me if it’s not doable.

Now some of you might be wondering: “Where’s the usual comicbook video?” Well with Halloween around the corner, I’ve got a monster related one coming in another week or so- but instead of leaving you hanging at the beginning of the month, I posted this. Typically, a Puzzle Time should be a mid-month video. In November, things will be back to normal, so don’t hate me too much!

Anyway, back in a few weeks with some monster fun.


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Hey Party People,

Well there not much we superhero fans like more than top ten list! Although more often than not, most people just talk about who’s more powerful. Which isn’t very descriptive, because sure Mr. Mxyzptlk is more powerful than Superman, but so what? Most fans would rather see Superman take on Doomsday than Mr. Mxyzptlk. So I have set out to create a list of Superman’s toughest villains (as with I did with Batman)! The villains that offer Superman the best slugfest scenarios, with the best chances of beating Superman too! I must say there are a couple of names on this list that I’d like to see DC use more of too! So without any further to do, check it out!


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Hey Party People,

Back with a comicbook review. Overall, I’ve had no plans to make a video review, but here we are. You see, ever since JMS’s days on Thor, I’ve become a some what a regular reader of Thor. So I was there when Jason Aaron started his run back in 2012. It was great and I loved it. It was my favorite book at the time. And while not quite that far back, he started to lay seeds about the War of the Realms! I was pumped! But then Jane Foster became Thor. Which I will always say makes no damn sense at all! I have no problem with her being a Thunder God- per say. But ever since they dumped the whole Don Blake story angle, Thor is Thor! It’s his frick’n name! Think of it like this. If someone takes your job at a company, the company doesn’t start calling the new employee by you name- because that would make no sense! So, that is why in the video I always refer to Jane as Lady Thor- because she’s not Thor! Anyway, Lady Thor (as I put it) pushed the War of the Realms story off. And since Aaron turned it into a hit, I had to wait even longer for the War of the Realms. But a year ago, Jane became Jane again (M.D.) and Thor was the thunder god again. So the build up to the War of the Realms was on again. Then it finally hit and I was excited! Especially since I was taking a sabbatical, if you will, of monthly comics. The War of the Realms was actually dragging me back to the comicbook store on a weekly basis. Six issues later, I kinda regret it. It was just a mess of a story with no over all point. I can’t even tell you why Malekith started the whole war. Sh!ts and giggles I suppose. So being so bummed out by this cross-over event, I put my comicbook reviewer hat back on, and had at it. Now you can check out the results- and be sure to tell me if you agree with my breakdown or how you think I’m wrong. Oh and yes, there are a ton of spoilers!

Until next month, cheers!

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Hey Party People,

We’re back with a funny little tid bit from Marvel Corp office. This is something I obviously learned a while ago, and knew I had to make a video of it one day. So here it is, Marvel says, the X-Men are not human. Now on the one hand, this is kinda a puff piece, On the other, it’s a pretty interesting look into our culture and more over, human behavior. And while I certainly don’t hate the X-Men (I love all their movies- (shrug) they’ve all been fun to me), I’ve never been a Marvel zombie for them: “What, you were born with you’re powers? Yeah, great origin story. What, people hate you because you can fly? Yeah, I’ll bet that sucks, huh?” (I’m more an Avengers guy) So any news about Marvel dissing their marquee heroes is pretty d@mn funny to me. Don’t worry, I know this makes me a bad person. Either way, enjoy the video, and perhaps have a good laugh as we wait to see what Marvel Studios does with the X-Men!


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Hey Party people,

Well I tell ya, the combination of a toddler and a new born can really kick your @$$! I’ve barely had time to scratch my own nutz (as they say). But finally, my newest video is up! Hooray, let me tell ya. This time I get to talk about a little cartoon oddity- did I just give it away??? Well stop reading if you want to be surprised by the video. Because today I dig into the fact that Spider-Woman is the only, the only, only superheroine to ever (to this day!) to have her own cartoon show. How messed up is that, huh? Check out the video to learn more about it.

As for more videos, they are still coming! And my schedule just got a bit easier. So the wait until the next one should be as long (please God, please). Because I as I’m sure you hear all us YouTube video makers say, it’s a lot of work- but it’s fun too. One thing I love most, is the talkback. This is why my videos appear on and why I write from them, over other ‘superhero type’ websites. It’s just a lot of fun, even poking the trolls.

Anyway, enjoy the video- I got more to make!

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Hey Party People,

Got two things to talk about today.
1) In a change of format, instead of my usual trivia/info dump, Super-Hero Pow is doing a trivia game! Just something to keep the channel interesting. So in this first Puzzle Time, you have to guess which Marvel Artist drew each character. Sound easy enough, until you realize that the artist drew the picture with their eyes closed! Yup, it’s a fun little thing I swiped from my ancient copy of the Marvel Fun Book #2. I thought you’d enjoy it as well.
2) To draw back the curtain a little more, I’ll let you know I’m a father times two now. As I write this the wife and I are trying to manage an infant and a crazy toddler! It’s like burning the candle at both ends, let me tell ya! As you may have guessed, it’s thrown a real monkey wrench in my production flow. This Puzzle Time video was suppose to be uploaded last week, but life happens to the poor and sleep deprived.

But not to worry, content is still coming out! I’m in the middle of editing the next Super-Hero Pow and am researching two others. So don’t give up on me, because I’m not giving up on you… if that makes any sense. One thing I want to see happen is to increase my output to two videos a month. One being my usual Super-hero Pow and then another being a shorter video; ala the Shazam Mash-Up, Puzzle Time I just did. I’m also thinking of doing some old comicbook reviews. In the vein of what I used to for’s comicbook post, “Raiders of the Lost Box”. I’m also hoping to have a guest host with me from time-to-time. And feel free to let me know what you’d like to see. So I got plans for more fun stuff to come! And, as you can guess, I hoping to crack YouTube’s glass ceiling and finally start getting some ads on these videos. I know you have no interest in watching YouTube ads, but seriously this is how the world works. And believe it or not, but I always try to watch the ads of other YouTubers- because I know how important it is to them! So please be kind and subscribe and watch an ad. And I’ll be kind enough to keep you entertained at the office, or the john- or wherever you like to watch!

Now thanks for your time, and here’s Puzzle Time 1:

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Hey Party People,

Time for another Super-hero Pow! This month I’m kinda responding to an article I saw about DC Comics’ “Heroes in Crisis”. Where they mentioned, based on events in the comic, Harley Quinn is a better fighter than Batman. Now, how a former college gymnast, and currently criminally insane person is more than a match for Batman, is beyond me! But there actually is three normal humans in the DCU who can beat Batman. Not because they are popular characters, but because their character history shows they even more dedicated to the martial arts than Batman himself. Which makes sense, as Batman has dedicated his life to mastering many disciplines, not just the martial arts. So I decided to write about these three characters, who focused solely on mastering the martial arts: Bronze Tiger, Lady Shiva and Richard Dragon! To get the full lowdown check out the video!

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Hey Party People,

I’m back with part two of my look at diversity in superhero comics! As I showed in part 1, superhero comics still suffer from a lack of diversity. In case you missed it, you can check it out here:

So now the question is, what can we- or rather publishers do about it. As I lay out in the video, there are lots of different ways to increase diversity, but only one way to make everyone happy. Check it out!