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Hey Party People,

Just wanted to remind all you artists out there- life drawing, life drawing, life drawing! Nothing beats it for improving your artistic skill. So do it as much as you can, and never stop- seriously, never stop. Even when you become the next George Perez or Glen Keane, make time to life draw. Why? It’s like being an Olympic athlete. You need to keep up your training, to remain #1- and become #1.

Generally speaking, there are two schools of life drawing, the construction method and the measuring method. The construction method is the best for storytelling drawing (comics, animation, etc). You start with a gesture, build up shapes and volume, getting more specific as you go until you have a solid figure. Poses will last between 10 seconds to 30 minutes. Drawing fast and getting as much down as you can is key (forcing yourself to really understand the body). This method will not only teach you how to draw what you see, but also draw from you mind. This is because you will have a strong sense of the body, and can move it around in your head clearly.

The measuring method is more for illustrators and painters- in the sense they make one perfect images. The measuring method usually starts by drawing the nose brow of the figure and slowly expanding outward- using the features you just drew as a measuring tool to draw the next features. A pose will usually be no less than 30 minutes, and up to three hours. This is so you can methodically go over the whole figure and make it as prefect as you can. Starting with very little detail, and then slowly adding more and more detail, until you get what you feel is enough detail to define the figure.

I recommend taking a class in each method, and then focusing more on the approach you like and need. For myself, when I’m drawing ‘prefect’, I start with the construction method, and then use the measuring method to finish drawings. Hope to get the best out of each approach.

One word of warning! There are many, many, many, art teacher out there who don’t know either of these methods, and are STILL teaching life drawing! They have the false belief that if you simple draw the figure over and over again- without out a real plan of attack (aside from, well just study the figure, and try to make it look more like the figure), you will be able to become a good figure artist. This is like getting building supplies and trying to build a house just by looking at one- not happening. That ‘method’ only ‘works’ for people born with natural skill. Sometimes people are just born with talent, unknown to them, their brain is just wired to get it- they then assume everyone’s is, and they become sh!tty teachers. This is the bulk of college art teachers IMHO. Be nice, but stay away from these teachers, do not give them money. Always try to ask a teacher what they will be teaching, if they can’t get more specific than, “we study the human body, and focus on drawing it”, they probably don’t know what they are doing. A real life drawing teacher loves to talk about life drawing and how to do it!

Ok, time to get off the soap box. My pretty picture this week is from a life drawing class, where we drew a clothed figure. You can tell by my markers that it’s in the construction method. And the important thing about life drawing with clothed figures, you focus on folds, not wrinkles. Folds are what happens to clothing because of the position the body is in. Wrinkles are ‘marks’ in the clothing that have nothing to do with the figure.

Have fun!

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Hey Party People,

Was looking through my comicbook collection the other day, and I came across one of my favorite series, THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD ( the comic that the recent cartoon series was based off of)! It featured my favorite superhero, Batman, teaming up with various superheroes and other characters. One issue had him team-up with the Riddler, another with Swamp Thing- one of my favs was a team-up with Richard Dragon (arguably DC #1 martial artist). And the two of them actually fought each other in the issue- too cool!

But as I looked for back issues of this series (it’s run was just about over by the time I really started collecting comics) the ones I liked the best were his team-ups with female heroes: Black Canary, Supergirl, Wonder Woman- who knows why. One character he never team-up with was another one of my favorite characters: Powergirl! To me, Powergirl had all the cool of Supergirl, with none of the baggage. Teaming her up with Batman seems like a natural to me, but I guess she was on a different Earth back then and all.

Anyway, here’s my homage to the venerable THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD: Batman and Powergirl- wearing the costume I first saw her in, which I suppose is why I like it best.

As a side note, before THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD became a superhero book, and then the Batman team-up book, it was the home of Robin Hood, the Viking Prince, the Silent Knight and the Gold Gladiator! As I’m also a big adventure fan, I love all those characters too! Wish they had longer runs, especially the Silent Knight and Gold Gladiator- oh well, Batman was a bigger seller!

Lastly, I’m just about done with the next Captain Rocket cartoon, unfortunately, I just can’t find the time to wrap it up! It takes more than the few hours it takes to draw a little pin-up like this. I’m sure hoping I can get it done before the end of the month though- so here’s hoping!

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Hey Party People, to celebrate Dynamite Comics new Phantom comicbook, KING: PHANTOM- where finally an Africa man is allowed to be an African hero! As the next Phantom has gone missing, Mandrake the Magician’s buddy Lothar has taken over the as the Phantom. Ok, it doesn’t make sense that people can tell this Phantom isn’t the same guy (because the Phantom is suppose to be immortal- as son takes over for father). But that doesn’t bother me too much. I can accept this and enjoy this piece of right mined ‘political correctness’. Oh, the costume I drew is more my own spin on the Phantom costume- not the suit in the comic. It’s just, I’m sorry those striped jockey shorts have to go. And every superhero should wear gloves- seriously. Anyway, I hope ya like it!

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Hey party people, well welcome to the New Year. Oddly enough this New Year has been nearly as tough for me this year as it was last year. I’ve been slammed with a pretty rough cold since the first week, which is why I haven’t really posted much here lately- cry me a river right? I know.

Anyway, I thought I’d show off a sketch of mine of one of my favorite shows as a kid: GHOST BUSTERS. But it’s not the Ghost Busters you are probably thinking about, this is the original from 1975. A live-action Saturday Morning show by Filmation. Which was about two goof-balls and their gorilla chasing down ghosts and sending them back to the great beyond.

A little while back, my sister got me the dvd set, all 15 episodes, and from time to time I have them playing in the studio while I work. Even though I loved them as a kid, they clearly don’t stand the test of time, but still I find them very charming. And as I often do, I start thinking about how to make the concept work today. Which inspired me to make this sketch (sorry I never finished it).

If you are unfamiliar with the show, I’ll tell you a bit more about it. It stars Forrest Tucker and Larry Storch- who were the comedic stars of the 60’s sitcom F TROOP (soldier and indians hijinks). Here, with a gorilla, played by Bob Burns (because he could supply his own gorilla suit and Filmation didn’t have to pay to make one) ran Spencer, Tracy, and Kong Ghost Busters (note Spencer Tracy was a very famous actor in the 40’s and 50’s). The gag is that Kong is not the gorilla, Tracy was the gorilla’s name. Tucker was Jake Kong and Storch was Eddie Spencer. On a play of the popular show at the time, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, the Ghost Buster would get recorded tapes in various objects giving them a new mission each week from their ‘boss’ Zero. After the tape had finished, it would self destruct in 10 seconds, unfortunately Tracy could never get rid of it before it blew up in his face every week.

Each mission pretty much dealt with the gang going to the old castle in town (apart from their office, the castle was the only set the show had), and facing off with the ghost of a monster, or famous bad person. Like the Red Baron, Billy the Kid, Frankenstein’s Monster, the Mummy, etc. So note, they didn’t ‘fight’ the Mummy, but the ghost of the Mummy- as they were ghost busters, not monster busters. Filmation had a very limited budget, and could only afford like two speaking roles per episode (aside from the main cast), so there was always a main monster and a flunky. And just like Tucker and Storch, they often tried to get famous (or at one time) actors to play the ghost. People like Ted Knight, Billy Barty, Huntz Hall, Joe E. Ross, Howard Morris, and Carl Ballantine. In the end, the ghost would get zapped with the Ghost Dematerializer, and the Ghost Busters would return to their office.

As you can see, it was all goofy fun with monsters- er ghost. Two things I loved as a kid. Marc Richards created the show and basically talked Lou Scheimer into making the show (and selling it to CBS) and letting him write and direct nearly every episode. A ton of work, but I’m willing to bet it was the best year of his life.

After Filamtion successfully sued the famous GHOST BUSTERS movie, they figured they’d save money and not get the rights to the movie, and instead create a new cartoon base on their old show in 1986. The new show featured Spencer and Kong’s kids, some girl from the future, and Tracy looked nothing like Bob Burns’ gorilla, so I had little interest in the show.

Anyway, with updated and a little more witty jokes, plus a more defined world- as low rent ghost busters, I think this concept could be successful. I’ll reveal one of my ideas, that Spencer and Kong we’re in the army together before becoming ghost busters- tying in a reference to the actors F TROOP history. This would also help build the history of the characters, and give the world more weight. Either way, let’s face it, loveable losers running from colorful ghosts is a tried and true comedy set-up.

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Hey party people, so yeah I missed last week- duho! It’s the old story, I put something off for a day, then I got superbusy! Anyway, here’s my post for this week. Showing off a little artwork and talking about some of my favorite cartoons- Hanna-Barbera’s superheroes shows!

As I’ve mentioned many times, growing up in the 70’s meant watching a lot of Hanna-Barbera and Filmation! While Filmation is my fav, H-B was many times just as great. But the one thing H-B managed to do better than Filmation, and nearly anyone else, was to create some good original superheroes. Typically, if the character wasn’t from Marvel or DC, it was crap character. But back in the 60’s, in the superhero animation boom, amidst Spider-man, the Fantastic Four, Superman, Aquaman, Batman and more; H-B managed to create some original superheroes worth watching: Space Ghost, Birdman and Mightor!

One thing weird about these three characters, and I’m not even sure H-B realized this- as I’ve never seen it mentioned before. Is that H-B created a superhero of the future (Space Ghost) and superhero of the present (Birdman) and a superhero of the past (Mightor). What unique range. One thing I think that really helped sell these characters was Alex Toth- the master comicbook artist, who H-B got to design pretty much all of there action adventure shows- post-Johnny Quest (though he did do some work on Johnny).

First off there was Space Ghost, who has one of the greatest designs for a superhero ever! Seriously, he is just perfect to look at. While I was never a fan of Jan and Jace, Space Ghost was still the best show around. That lava monster in the opening credits- awesome! For helping design Space Ghost alone, Toth could be remember forever!

Next Birdman, now while Toth did a lot of designs for the show he did NOT design Birdman. I’ve seen many people give credit to Toth, but seriously look at the model sheet (not only does it not look like one of Toth’s drawings) it’s signed Hi Mankin! Also, I’m sorry Hi, but it’s also not as strong as one of Toth’s designs (the mask is way too complex). But the whole secret agent/superhero angle is very cool. Especially in the 60’s during the height of the cold war.

Lastly, Mightor, who was designed by Alex Toth. And despite the fact that Toth hates caveman stuff, Mightor looks awesome! Interestingly enough, Mightor had two things in it that Filmation would borrow later. One, a side-kick that causes more trouble than help. Little Rok wanted to be a hero like Mightor but was usually just nuisance. Just like Bat-mite in the New Adventures of Batman and Robin. Two, by holding his club over his head Tor would become Mightor! And same club could change his pet dinosaur Tog into bigger tougher dinosaur- yet no one knew the two (or four) were the same. Just like in He-man- as Adam would hold his sword over his head and affect his pet tiger.

Anyway, here are some recent sketches I did of these guys. As you might imagine, I’d love to be able to work on them for real- but until then you just have to enjoy these.


Catch ya on the flipper.

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Hey party people, it’s blog time. This time I thought I’d talk about toys. As you may recall, I’ve talked about being a kid of the 70’s and revering Mego toys as the best of the decade. I still own the Batcave and their other great superhero toys (all very well played with). One toy I never had, though a neighbor of mine had at least one, was the World Greatest Super-Knights collect from Mego. It was the typical great Mego 8-inch figure, but these guys came with armor(!), shields (!), and swords (holy crap swords!). I long marveled at my neighbor’s Mego knight, but no good parent gets their kid everything! I also believe they were fairly rare, as I don’t recall seeing them in a store.

Now, fairly recently I discovered, someone was remaking these toys!?

How insane (yet awesome) is that! But seriously, I’m grown man, I’d want them all (because I’m fanboy), I don’t have room for every toy collection I’d like to have and they were fairly expensive. So instead of buying them, as I’m a responsible adult, I just gushed about them!

Enter my loving wife, Sandra. One thing that is really nice about our relationship is, while we are both normal well adjusted adults, we each encourage the other not to be! So when my birthday rolled around, what did she get me? All five knights! King Arthur (in what now would be considered fruity purple tights), Lancelot, Galahad (his illegitimate son), Ivanhoe (who is really a parody of knights, didn’t anyone ever read the book!?) and the evil Black Knight (thou there never really was an evil Black Knight of heroic knights of yore).

Here’s a photo of the gang on my bookshelf, all looking rather boss, if I do say so myself. Since Arthur (although a badass in combat himself) isn’t really dress for combat, I’ve given his sword (not really Excalibur looking) to the Black Knight. That way he can look extra menacing with two blades. The one bad thing I’ll say about the figures is their ‘chainmail’ undergarments are really tight. Like they are a size or two too small. So the knights are barely more properly, so I did make them all mine (sorry purists) by cutting slits in their armpits. The slits aren’t that noticeable, and now they can raise their arms, so I’m good with it.

Oh to be eight years old again, fighting the good fight in the backyard garden. While the Mego figures might not look as well sculpted as current action figures, the current ones are often nowhere near as ‘playable’ as the Mego ones!

All right, that’s all for now, I’ll see you next week with a new Captain Rocket cartoon!

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Hey Party people,

Well like a bum I missed getting a post last week, that means this week I got two! Yup, a little later this week I’ll have another Captain Rocket cartoon for ya.

For right now I’ve decided to post some of my vacation sketches. My wife Sandra, and I, after about seven years of planning, finally managed a European vacation. First we stopped off in Zurich, since Sandra’s middle-school friend Jessica now lives out there, playing with “lasers”. Then we took train rides all the way down to Rome, stopping off at a few cities as we went for a few days. It was a lot of fun, and for the most part we did nothing planned. Just walking around towns trying to hit a few icon spots. Funny enough, when we hit Rome, we ran into another one of Sandra’s middle-school friends, Louise. She and he husband ran off to Italy on their own and it just happened on the same days Sandra and I did. How weird is that!? Anyway, we went to dinner a few times and just fun all around.

One of the main things Sandra wanted to do when we were in Europe, was to do some open air painting. So she brought along some watercolor painting supplies. While she was doing that, I would draw in my sketch (no ruler or anything so be kind). First here’s a sketch of a the Church of San Lorenzo, in Port Verne. While in Port Verne I sketched Sandra painting away too. Then in Florence we checked out Michelangelo’s David (so we sketched that too). Then in Rome, we hung out in a park and we sketch the Tempio di Esculapio, which was in the middle of the lake/pond.

Then we flew back to Los Angeles, and saw our poor cat Leia had lost quite a bit of weight while we were gone- poor thing. But she was a little over weight anyway, so all good I guess. Anyway, hope you enjoy the pics and I’ll catch ya on the flipper.

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Hey party people, as promised, we got two Captain Rocket episodes this month. I’m pretty happy with the scenes of the Rocket-Rocket landing. Hope you enjoy it!

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Hey Party people, well after some crazy times, Captain Rocket is back in the house. As you may recall I’ve been dealing with some tendonitis in my right arm. While it’s still there, it was become manageable. So I’ve started working on new cartoons. You may also recall I’ve been trying to recruit and artist or two to help me make the cartoons quicker and then release it all as one short film. Alas, getting artists of a certain caliber to work on a project that doesn’t pay real money, is like herding cats. As soon as I would fine someone interested in working with me, they would then go do something else. No ill will towards any of them, they all had good reasons not work on Captain Rocket. So Captain Rocket is back to the slow pace of about an episode every month.

Anyway, now that I’m back to just cranking them out myself, I did manage to build up a small back log of episodes (don’t get greedy). So I will be releasing two a month, until it finally catches up to where I am in production- probably January.

Inbetween my time knocking out cartoons, I hope to keep up with my blog here more. Hope to have one a week now. Even if it’s just simply a new pic, which is probably what people prefer to see anyway. I’ve also been toying around forever with a podcast idea. As of now, I have no idea if it will happen- just something that keeps me busy.

Anyway, that’s what I’m up to these days, see ya next week.


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My brain is always working overtime thinking up cartoon and superhero projects. Here’s one I actually sketched out! I was thinking it would be pretty cool to have an animated Flash cartoon show featuring all of the Flash’s in a family setting. Grandpa Flash (retired), the Flash (dad), Kid-Flash (nephew), Impuse (son- wannabe hero). You seeing this WB :)