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I’ll tell ya people, things get busy when you’re running your own website! So my blogs don’t come out as often as I’d like them to. Well as you know from my last entry, I’ve broken ground on my next big comic. But since that’s not ready here’s another GoldStar adventure for ya! Issue #7 will be the last one for a while too- hey I’m working on a new project here! And as always, check out Zia’s new comic strip too. Hope you like ‘em!

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Secret Project update

Well I'm finally making progress on the new comic book. I've written it all out, and most of it has been designed. Here a look at one of the pages. With any luck I'll have something to show come the end of summer. Fingers crossed!

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Filmation: Not so Crappy

Hey party people, I’ve been trolling around the internet of late, visiting animation websites and such, and I see a lot of bad mouthing of Filmation. The so called ‘crappy animation studio’- well listen up butt munch, that is not Filmation’s legacy! If Filmation had one fatal flaw, it’...

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