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Hey Party People,

Seems you all enjoy the Superfriends as much as I do, so I thought I’d make another video of them! At the same time, I came up with a new concept for videos: Why it’s Great! Where I will list a few reasons why something is great. Preferably something not completely obvious; like this one here: Superfriends season one! The so called worst season of the Superfriends. As it had no supervillains and Wendy, Marvin and Wonder Dog were stumbling their way through the whole season! But it was also the biggest thing going on in superheroes in 1973! Parent groups had basically outlawed superhero cartoons in 1969. So the Superfriends was basically superheroes grand return to TV. And on many levels it was quite different than the following seasons of the Superfriends. Which made it a crazy memory in most kids minds- before streaming, and dvds, and Cartoon Network or Boomerang. Did it actually happened? Did I remember that right? One thing I don’t get into in the video is the voice cast. It’s rather interesting to point out that the voices of Batman and Robin were performed by Olan Soule and Casey Kasem- who were the voice actor’s in Filmation’s Batman and Robin cartoon in 1968! Filmation’s Superman was played by Bud Collyer, who was Superman on the 1940’s radio program, as well as Fleischer Studios Animated shorts! Sadly Collyer had just passed away in 1969, so Hanna Barbera had to recast Superman with Danny Dark. Wonder Woman was voiced by Shannon Farnon. Who, along with Frank Welker, is the only main cast member still around and working in 2020! Aquaman was voiced by veteran character actor Norman Alden, he would only voice two season of the Superfriends before being replaced by William Callaway. And before he became famous on the Mary Tyler Moore show, Ted Knight, as he did in Filmation’s superhero shows was the narrator. The first season was also the only season to have a narrator. Just interesting tidbits all around I’d say. Anyway, that’s enough of that. Check out the video now and see if you agree, these five things made the first season of the Superfriends great!

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