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Hey Party People,

Back with a comicbook review. Overall, I’ve had no plans to make a video review, but here we are. You see, ever since JMS’s days on Thor, I’ve become a some what a regular reader of Thor. So I was there when Jason Aaron started his run back in 2012. It was great and I loved it. It was my favorite book at the time. And while not quite that far back, he started to lay seeds about the War of the Realms! I was pumped! But then Jane Foster became Thor. Which I will always say makes no damn sense at all! I have no problem with her being a Thunder God- per say. But ever since they dumped the whole Don Blake story angle, Thor is Thor! It’s his frick’n name! Think of it like this. If someone takes your job at a company, the company doesn’t start calling the new employee by you name- because that would make no sense! So, that is why in the video I always refer to Jane as Lady Thor- because she’s not Thor! Anyway, Lady Thor (as I put it) pushed the War of the Realms story off. And since Aaron turned it into a hit, I had to wait even longer for the War of the Realms. But a year ago, Jane became Jane again (M.D.) and Thor was the thunder god again. So the build up to the War of the Realms was on again. Then it finally hit and I was excited! Especially since I was taking a sabbatical, if you will, of monthly comics. The War of the Realms was actually dragging me back to the comicbook store on a weekly basis. Six issues later, I kinda regret it. It was just a mess of a story with no over all point. I can’t even tell you why Malekith started the whole war. Sh!ts and giggles I suppose. So being so bummed out by this cross-over event, I put my comicbook reviewer hat back on, and had at it. Now you can check out the results- and be sure to tell me if you agree with my breakdown or how you think I’m wrong. Oh and yes, there are a ton of spoilers!

Until next month, cheers!

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