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First a word of warning: This is some serious insider baseball here. That said, every comicbook reader knows DC’s continuity is a complete mess, with too many reboots and non-reboots (whatever that is!). I think, the great comicbook genius, Julius Schwartz, is the only one who can save them now!

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Super-Hero Pow: The SuperFriends...

Here's the latest video, digging deeper into my love of Saturday Morning Cartoons, and the Superfriends! In 1973, when the Superfriends debuted, networks were terrified of superhero shows. Simply put, all action had been outlawed! So how is that a new Superhero actually got made? Well, it didn't...

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Is Diversity in Comicbooks Really N....

Hey Party people, Welcome to another year of Super-hero Pow! I can't tell you how much I wanted to get this video out before February- but didn't happen. My goal is to get one video out a month, and I'm behind already. If you'd like to help, encouragement will do it! I'm a fool for anyone tel...

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