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For years now, comicbook fans have talked about Power Girl’s boobs. Believing in the rumor that her co-creator, Wally Wood, was secretly drawing her chest larger and larger in each issue of All-Star Comics. Trying to prove that none of the editors were paying attention. So is that really true? Check out the latest SUPER-HERO POW, and find out!

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Who can beat the Justice League?

Our latest video is up! Superhero-pow goes over every superhero team, to see which one of them could actually beat the world's greatest superheroes, the Justice League (of America)! And I gotta say, this was a bear to put together! More images in this one than any other video. Let's just say I...

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Batman Got a Gun

It's often been said that Batman used to run around with a handgun and kill people. But, is that really true? Check out his first 14 issues, Detective Comics #27-39 and Batman Comics #1 to find out! Though while we are at it, how many did Robin kill???

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