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Posted by tom on January 3, 2012 in Uncategorized with No Comments

Have you ever had the joy of launching a new web pages, telling all everyone you know about it and then discovery the front page link doesn’t work. Well you know how I feel now. Wow, that was bad! Good news is it’s fixed, so you can all read the new Cindy Li comic book. You could still find if you ‘walked around’ the site a bit, but now the main link works! Hopefully you all don’t hate me too much now because of it!

So please enjoy the new Cindy, the new GoldStar, and of course the new Zia!
Cindy Li 2

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Merry insert Holiday!

Happy Holidays, party people! I hope everyone is having a good time. As for me, I’m behind schedule on everything, as I attempt to do everything! So, just my usual holiday season. I’ve got plans for a new Christmas animation, but I haven’t been able to do much with it for two years now! B...

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Cindy Li #3

Well hey there, did you check out the newest issue of Cindy Li? Well why the heck not! It’s free for Pete sake! This issue finally explains what the heck has been going on- enjoy :)

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