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In this latest Superhero-Pow, we rank the toughest fighters Batman has ever faced!  Because, as we all know Riddler, Joker, and the rest of Batman’s famous rouges gallery can’t last 10 rounds against Batman in the ring.  So who can?  Find out- and be prepared, one of them is a cheat!

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Top 10 Superfriends Episodes!

Check out the latest SUPERHERO-POW!  As we count down the top ten SUPERFRIENDS episodes from it's 13 year run!  Was it really as bad as people say?

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Best Comics of 2017

mechanikaEvery year around Oscar time, the comicbook gang and I would compile our best of lists of the year for Well sadly those days have come to an end. Since I already compiled most of it, I figured I'd just share them with you. One thing to keep in mind, it's impossible to read everything...

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