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Got some new sketches for ya- as I slooowly work on the next Captain Rocket.  Still haven’t been able to balance fatherhood with working on the cartoon.  The artwork for episode #21 is all finished, I just have to start loading it into Flash and start pulling it together.

As for today’s sketches, here is an old sketch of my character Action Jackson, which is based on the very old action figure.  Next is an old sketch of the Flash, with a head shot of Starman, both from DC Comics.  Then some model designs of a cute girl- no more, no less.  And lastly, two sketches of Young Samson, from the old Hanna-Barbera cartoon.  The show was rather poorly made, with them pulling new powers for Samson out of their butt each episode.  But I love those old action cartoons and Alex Toth sweet model designs (her design the girl with Samson too).




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Sketch Book all day

poisonivyHey party people, Here's another peek into my old sketch books. First a color pencil sketch of Poison Ivy, in the old Bruce Timm style. Next a marker sketch of a one shot character from DC comics, Densensitizer, she showed up in a Justice League Quarterly, and as far as I know has never been seen...

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Something different

girlHere's some new sketches I whipped up.  A little different that my usual pencil sketches.

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