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Hey Party people, well after some crazy times, Captain Rocket is back in the house. As you may recall I’ve been dealing with some tendonitis in my right arm. While it’s still there, it was become manageable. So I’ve started working on new cartoons. You may also recall I’ve been trying to recruit and artist or two to help me make the cartoons quicker and then release it all as one short film. Alas, getting artists of a certain caliber to work on a project that doesn’t pay real money, is like herding cats. As soon as I would fine someone interested in working with me, they would then go do something else. No ill will towards any of them, they all had good reasons not work on Captain Rocket. So Captain Rocket is back to the slow pace of about an episode every month.

Anyway, now that I’m back to just cranking them out myself, I did manage to build up a small back log of episodes (don’t get greedy). So I will be releasing two a month, until it finally catches up to where I am in production- probably January.

Inbetween my time knocking out cartoons, I hope to keep up with my blog here more. Hope to have one a week now. Even if it’s just simply a new pic, which is probably what people prefer to see anyway. I’ve also been toying around forever with a podcast idea. As of now, I have no idea if it will happen- just something that keeps me busy.

Anyway, that’s what I’m up to these days, see ya next week.


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Captain Rocket #11

Hey party people, as promised, we got two Captain Rocket episodes this month. I'm pretty happy with the scenes of the Rocket-Rocket landing. Hope you enjoy it!

2 Responses to Captain Rocket has Returned!

  1. Karman

    November 24, 2014 - 2:53 am

    Hey John,I’ve been going through the Preston Blair book for a while now and it’s been prttey fun and my drawings have really gotten more solid. I’m also relearning Maya this summer and started thinking that many of these principles about solid construction, form, volumes, line of action, etc. would be prttey easy to translate to a 3D package like Maya. I’d wager that constructing and posing a character correctly could be done prttey quickly on a computer if the person working it had a good handle on these first principles. I was thinking as a possible project to go back and start the Preston Blair book from scratch (along with all of your supplemental exercises), but this time do it all on the computer in 3D. I’d like to get your opinion on this. Would 3D Preston Blair be a viable exercise or just an exercise in futility. I’ve always wondered if 3D cartoons could become just as good as the classics and if their overall lack of goodness was due to a lack of knowledge on the artist’s part or a constriction based on the medium. Thanks for keeping the art of classic cartooning alive in modern times!Chris

    • tom

      November 25, 2014 - 7:29 am

      Converting classic, squash and stretch animation into 3D is pretty hard. As cartoon forms will often change their structure (requiring a whole new model in 3D) when they move.

      That said, working on doing something like that will teach you a lot! Even if it doesn’t come together the way you want. If it does come together- instead portfolio piece!

      Overall though, animation is all timing and design. So even if you aren’t making cartoony things, studying a classic cartoon for it’s timing and design is always helpful. As they were often done by masters, like Preston Blair. Good Luck!

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