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So just what the hell was George Lucas thinking!? No, not when he sold out to Disney- because we all know he wasn’t! But what was he thinking about, when it came to the final Star Wars sequel trilogy. What was the actual story meant to be? Well that’s what I try to uncover in my latest Superhero Pow! But before we can do that, I think it’s important to understand what Star Wars actually is! Being there when Star Wars first came on the scene, I’ve seen many people over the years get Star Wars completely wrong. Heck, I remember being the only one in the room saying Lucas was going to make 9 Star Wars movies. While everyone else argued, no it’s only three/ no it’s only six. So it drives me a bit crazy to hear people say Star Wars are kids movies and space fantasy. Again, completely disregarding the original statements made by George. So if this sounds new to you or if you are of the same thinking as I am, then I think you will enjoy this video the most! Star Wars as it was meant to be!

I feel I should add a bit more of my Star Wars opinion. Overall, I feel New Hope was the best, and Phantom Menace as the worst. None of the Prequels were better than the originals. And none of the Sequels were better than the Prequels. I’d agree that some of the Sequels were better made (editing, dialogue, pacing). But as for story and action, the Prequels were better. Feel free to fight :)

Anyho, watch the video and let me know what you think!

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