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Hey party people, welcome to what really was suppose to be the April video! You can read my last blog to see what went wrong. Corvid-19 being one of them. So the good news is, I’m almost back on schedule. I don’t think I can get May’s video up in the first week of May, but it won’t be as late as this one.

Now then, what am I talking about today? Well my favorite comicbook, the Justice League of America! I have two long boxes dedicated to their issues! Not to mention the Archive books I have as well. So when I say, this is the greatest issue of the Justice League ever, you know I aint just whistling Dixie! And I don’t just mean the Justice League of America, I mean all their main runs- which by my count is: Justice League of America, Justice League (America), JLA, Justice League of America, Justice League (New 52), Justice League (Rebirth), & just Justice League, I guess. Now maybe I’m getting to old, but I haven’t really read a good Justice League issue since the JLA days. For my money the best Justice League writers were Gerry Conway, Keith Giffen and Grant Morrison. Best artists would be George Perez, Chuck Patton, Kevin Maguire, Adam Hughes and Ivan Reis. Not that everyone else sucked or anything- but these were my favs. So it’s no wonder that the tops of both lists worked on what I (and many many others) consider the greatest single issue of the Justice League: Justice League of America #200. And not only that, it featured every JLer up to that time in one giant blow out story. Paid homage to Gardner Fox (the guy who created the League)’s writing structure, it also had seven iconic guest pencilers as well. Now on some level you can say it has an unfair advantage to current comicbooks- because one and done issues basically don’t happen anymore. But be that as it may, Justice League of America #200 from 1982 is the best ever- fight me! I dare you!

Now this often leads to the next question, is it the best Justice League story ever? No, but Conway wrote that one as well. And I will leave that unanswered at the moment, to be answered by some future video!

Now then, I hope you enjoy the video. And I sure hope you are all healthy and financially secure in this crazy pandemic time we are living in. Hopefully our nation, if not our world will be stronger when it’s over and we can use it to shame future generations about how easy they’ll have it!

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So this just a fun short one talking about Wonder Woman wardrobe. To steal a joke from Svengoolie: “You’d like to see more of Wonder Woman on TV? So would I, but that’s as small as the censor’s will allow her costume to be.” But seriously, this was something I found / figured out a long while ago and always wanted to talk about. So I’m happy to get to it, even if it is rather trivial. Because nearly every well versed person in comicbooks will tell you Wonder Woman used to wear a skirt. Just like Captain America’s shield wasn’t originally round. But here’s the thing, while yes Cap’s shield wasn’t always round, Wonder Woman never wore a skirt! Crazy right? Well it’s all about culottes. What’s a culotte? Watch the video and find out. I didn’t spend all this time putting the video together to just spoil the lead!

On a more human note, I know we are all dealing with ‘the’ corvid-19, and I sure hope it isn’t affecting you more than just sheltering in place! I hope you have managed to keep you income and that no one you know has actually been hit by the virus. But if that’s not the case, all I can say is: That sucks @$$. And I pray that our nation (or your nation, if you aren’t from around here) will only get stronger when it’s over. In how we deal with pandemics, to how we deal with the sick and in how we deal with people’s livelihood. Often times I think we makes things harder than they need to be, for fear of doing the wrong thing. And that often turns into the worst thing to do. So, good luck and if you pardon me, God bless. I hope to see you in better times soon!

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