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Hey party people,

As we are coming into a New Year, I always try to think of something fun to do, so here is a double dose of superhero cartoon music. Being of the Saturday Morning cartoon generation, I love cartoon intros. Their animation was usually better than the animation of the show, and if the music was good, I could, and still can, watch ‘em over and over again. So here is my list of the best ones. As I mention in one of the videos, it’s interesting to note that DC has like, nearly no theme songs! Occasionally they have voice over (faster than a speeding bullet, and all that) but no singing. So, DC dominates the theme list and Marvel dominates the song list. Also, I try to make it clear that songs are different than themes. It’s a pet peeve of mine to see other people’s lists and see them include songs on a theme list. They are both fairly different artforms, so I feel it’s not fair to compare, say John Willaim’s Superman theme with the Beatles’ Yesterday. So that’s why there are two lists.

I’m also doing this because I feel like the cartoon (and live action show’s) intros are going away. While Disney is the biggest offender, they just slap the show logo on the screen, Warner Bros isn’t too far behind. Beware the Batman and even Justice League Action, are just barely 20 seconds long. That’s just no fun for nerds like me. Heck I remember years back a guy at a Chicago comicbook convention got on stage and started to recite the lyrics to the 1960’s Spider-Man cartoon- in a Shakespearean voice. The crowd loved it. So this is mine little way to celebrate the superhero cartoon intro theme/song. While sure bad ones are quite forgettable, good ones stay with ya forever! Enjoy

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