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Hey Party People,

I hope I’m not spoiling anything here, I waited as long as I thought I should. Because now I’m going to dig into Avengers Endgame and talk about…. what the hell was that!? Now this isn’t a so-called “thing bad” video. Because for the most part, I really liked the film. But it does have a rather large flaw. I can claim this because, twice in the movie they say you can’t use time travel (time travel, why did it have to be time travel) to change history and then they went ahead and did it anyway. Creating massive time paradox(s). Now I’m sure Marvel will try to address some of these with their Disney+ series, but I have a far more elegant way of handling them. And I give you more of a comicbook ending. One where our heroes aren’t old, fat, disfigured and dead. It’s funny, for all the right things they have done in the MCU, why the hell did they think we wanted that!? Mind you, it does set-up the question, what does Marvel do when it’s time to recast? Personally I think they should just use the James Bond or Tarzan method. Just hired a new actor! But with everyone being dead, old and fat now. People are starting to think a reboot is in the air. Which I think would suck. Because, A- It would basically mean the original films didn’t happen. B- Most of all, the public only accepts reboots if it is fixing something. And there is nothing to fix about the original films, they were great. So did Marvel break the MCU, with all the paradox(s) on purpose? Just so they could reboot it? Boy, I sure how not. That sounds more like a Disney Star Wars move. And we don’t need any of that in our MCU do we. Anyway, check out the video and tell me what ya think. And tell me what your ideas are for this problem, because no matter how much we love and enjoy a movie, this is what we nerds do!


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