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Hey party people,

So life has been pretty sloppy these days. Got the holidays going on, doing the whole work transition bit, taking care of the new baby, and doing some freelance animation. Some days I don’t have much more strength or time than to just play a video game (Skyrim by the way, 2nd time through, what a crazy game). But I still make time to sketch in my sketch book. So I thought I’d share a few before the New Year.

So this is Wonder Woman, the way I see her. Very simple and very basic. As with all the classic characters, I always take inspiration from their creators. Case in point, originally Wonder Woman was not very busty (look at her comic compared to superheroine comics of the 1940’s), so I prefer to draw her that way. Next we got Aquaman, again another character who seems to suffer from over writing. Here, I guess I didn’t get too ‘originally’ with him, as I think he looks good with longer hair and no black trunks (opposed to Batman and Superman, who I think look better with the trunks). Last is John Carter, the Warlord of Mars. As you might know, I love the classic characters, so I will always sketch them from time to time.

Next time we talk, next month, there should be a new Captain Rocket episode up.

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