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killerfrostOne thing that bugs as a comicbook fan, is how every editor and artist feels the need to redesign every character they touch. Now, if a design isn’t working, sure have at it. But once a perfect design has been hit upon- STOP! Look at Dead Shot, first he’s running around in a tux and top hat- obviously not a very good look. Then Marshall Rogers gives him the ‘cyclops’ mask and the wrist guns- perfect! Next thing ya know they are giving him a ‘levolor blind’ helmet and take away his wrist guns- wtf!?

Same thing with Killer Frost. Allen Milgrom makes her this totally creepy ice maiden- perfect (Note- remove the pupils)! Now everyone and their grandpa wants to redesign her. To either A) make her more punk and stereotypical scary, and B) more slutty. Because every single female in a comicbook MUST look a Victoria Secrets model- even Amanda (f’n) Waller. Jeez! Drives me crazy! Anyway, this explains why I just drew Killer Frost. If I saw this eying me in dark alley, I’d be way more scared than how she looks in any of Warner Bros animation of her!

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