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Hey party people, well the day has finally come! Toonocity’s newest cartoon star has arrived: CAPTAIN ROCKET! Captain Rocket is the adventures of Captain Rocket (of course). Together with his sidekick Blastoff, they protect the galaxy from all manor of evil. In their first adventure, they go up against the Green Thing, an evil space mutant out to conquer the galaxy!

I suppose the best way I can describe Captain Rocket is camp. Not quite as broad as Adam West’s Batman, but still it’s a fairly straight adventure story with an odd sense of humor to. The bottomline should be fun. Each episode is very short, as the format is like a daily newspaper strip- though this is animated and not daily! To repeat myself this is pretty much a one man production job with a day job. But as I mentioned in earlier posts, that’s why went with this format. As episodes can be produced in a timely matter by one person!

I want to give thanks to Aaron Ficchi for writing the music (see even with my mighty powers I still couldn’t do it all alone). Creating music is just not a skill I poses, my old college roommates can attest to. I used to torture them by messing around with an electric keyboard with auto-play features. But all good cartoon shows need good music, so I glad Aaron has put together some good stuff for me.

Along with the new Captain Rocket cartoons, Toonocity has finally opened up a store on You can find t-shirts of all my characters there:

So you can watch Captain Rocket at YouTube:

Or at Toonocity itself:


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Hey party people, well it’s getting really close to relaunch time for Toonocity. Over a year ago I relaunched the site with Cindy Li and GoldStar and this time I’m relaunching with- well I can’t tell ya yet! Since I never know for sure when I’m going to be done and posted, I don’t really like talking specifics. Making promises that I don’t keep, or letting people peek behind the curtain before I’m done. After the launch I’m totally cool with talking about how it came together and why, but before that, I guess I’m just too nervous about it all.

Anywho, as I said before it’s an animated series done all by my lonesome, so don’t expect anything as awesome as COWBOY BEBOP or anything! But it should still be pretty darn entertaining and fun. Here is another bg shot of the show.

As I go through creating the cartoons and update the website, I’m also finally opening a merch store as well. So I’m creating some t-shirts of the new concept, GoldStar and Cindy Li too of course! There’s not much there yet, but if ya want a look go here:

Also remember that every week I write comic book reviews for In case your curious, I specifically wanted to work with them. Because of all the main nerd sites they have the ‘Talk Back’ section. This is very important to me as an internet user. Websites shouldn’t be just about content provides posting stuff and walking away. The masses should be able to response. So I really like that this is the only website where people can post to disagree with my reviews or agree with them. If I was better at building website I’d have a ‘Talk Back’ section on all my webpages. Sadly, all I can manage is my blog, but that is half the rest I created my blog. So everyone could have a voice about my content. So please if you hate my cartoon or love it, write on blog of the cartoon and tell the world- not just me.

So what do I read in comic book these days? Well since I’m a reviewer now I read much more than I used too. But I still pick things I think I’ll enjoy. Here is my pull list:
DAREDEVIL – 3 out 4
NOVA – 2 out 4
AGE OF ULTRON – 1 out 4
THE SHADOW – 3 out 4
THE GREEN HORNET – too early to say
MASKS – 1 out 4
MARS ATTACKS – 3 out 4
STAR WARS – 2 out 4
THE HIGH WAYS – 3 out 4
AQUAMAN – 3 out 4

And I just recently dropped SWORD OF SORCERY and AVENGERS and AVENGERS ASSEMBLE. I always make time for indie book or anything else that strikes my fancy too.

Ok, that’s enough for now! Keep an eye on this spot because XXXXXXXXXXX is coming soon!


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