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Hey Party People,

It’s been a while huh? Well the day job has gotten every busy, plus I have to keep up with my writing for and I’ve been switching creative gears as well; which is always tricky. As you creative types know, it takes a lot of time and planning to create something worthwhile. This is one of the reasons you never see much more than one comic book out of an independent team. It can take a full year to plan a concept, let alone create a single issue! So I was, working very hard on a new comic book for Toonocity. I wrote a five issue series, did all the major design work and started drawing the first few pages of issue one- but things happened. Hard to say what, because I’m still frick’n in love with my comic book idea. But my first love has always been animation- something much frick’n harder to do on your own! And I got an idea for an animated series- in a format that I could actually produce! Instead of waiting years for me to finish my new comic book series, I could be knocking out animated shorts once or even twice a month! Plus, it’s an old concept of mine- from high school and college days, so the 90% of the concept-ing and planning work is done! Sure I’m tweaking it, but for the most part I can just get started now! So I am. And with my eyes growing wide, maybe, just maybe if this series successful, I can turn my five issue comic book into an animated dvd movie or something?

So that’s what I’ve been up too. With any luck I’ll have the first few posted this month or early next month. I’ve already started post production on the first two, but I’ll probably wait until I have four done before I release them. Here’s a background picture to see what I am up too- it should be fun.

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