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Here’s my second Golden Age Hero: Ted Grant, aka Wildcat! This is pretty much how Wildcat first appeared to the world in Sensational comics #1, back in 1942. Ted was a professional boxer turned superhero after being framed for murder and hearing about Green Lantern’s crime fighting career.

Wildcat was one of the longest running characters at DC, until the New 52, where he doesn’t exist anymore. Ah well.

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Hey party people, just thought I’d keep you all up to date with my writing at I’ve been a comic book reviewer there for about half a year now, using the name Masked Man. If you don’t goto often, you might not know that everyone uses a pseudonym. It’s not to hide our real names or anything, more like an internet ‘handle’ that is slowly not being used as much anymore. If I’m not at Aintitcool, I usually sign things with my last name Fremgen, these days.

Anyway I recently wrote some big articles comparing DC New 52 reboot to their Post-Crisis reboot. Unlike Marvel comics, DC seems to be very reboot happy. Even without the New 52 or the Crisis, DC seems to be reinventing one of their characters histories every now and then. Makes me think DC has become the House of Change, if Marvel is the House of Ideas. And the biggest changes took place Post-Crisis and New 52. If you want to check out what I had to say about these reboot- pointing out the bizarre similarities between them, you can click on the links below. They are posted below the “Opinions are like @$$holes” banner.

Here’s my first one on the Justice League:

Here’s one on Superman:

Here’s one on Wonder Women:

Here’s my last one on just about everyone else in the DCU:

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