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Well I’m finally making progress on the new comic book. I’ve written it all out, and most of it has been designed. Here a look at one of the pages. With any luck I’ll have something to show come the end of summer. Fingers crossed!

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Yeah I skipped a few posts- but hey I just wanted to give all the glory to Cindy Li last month! Anyway, just wanted to make sure you check out GoldStar and Zia, as they have new stories posted!

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Who doesn’t enjoy a good superhero on superhero on battle? After the invention of the superhero, it wasn’t long before the Human Torch and the Sub-mariner duked it out at Marvel- or Timely, as it was known back then. Who’s stronger, who’s faster, who’s a better fighter? Stan Lee famously said, “It depends on the type of story I’m writing.” So even though Robin should never ever be able to defeat Galactus, a clever writer could write a story where it not only happens- it’s believable as well! That’s the difference between comic books and say real live sporting events- or maybe not. As they say, ‘any given Sunday’.

Anyway, I love superhero brawls- especially when they are a rare never happened before match-up! Like the one I’ve drawn today: Aquaman vs Wolverine! Personally, I believe Aquaman would whip Wolverine everytime- but(!) Wolverine does have a kill shot, that could end the fight at anytime, if he can land it. Hope you like it.

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