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Hey party people,
Hope you are all enjoying the adventures if Cindy Li, GoldStar and Zia. As you can imagine, the Toonocity studio is busy with promoting Cindy. Which doesn’t leave much time for drawing- although I’m still designing my next comic book. I can’t start telling people about it, not quite ready yet. In the meantime I can post some other work.

Not sure if you’re aware, but I’m a big fan of DC comics- mostly the Justice League. Probably started as a kid watching the Superfriends (I own all the dvd releases so far). And being a fan of large groups of super heroes, I love cross-overs! Heck, that’s what the Justice League is on its base level. Anyway, it’s very interesting fact that the Justice League had an unofficial cross-over with the Avengers back in 1969! Seems that Justice League writer Denny O’Neil and Avengers writer Roy Thomas were friends, and hatched the idea of a team-up, not telling their bosses. So Roy created the Squadron Sinister to battle the Avengers . Denny created the Destructors, but pretty much wimps out, since they are evil duplicates of the League who just said and did things to resemble the Avengers.

A few years later, 1971, Mike Friedrich became the writer of the Justice League, and he and Roy Thomas tried again. This time Roy transformed, so to speak, from the Squadron Sinister to the Squadron Supreme. And Mike created the Champions of Angor (sometimes renamed the Justifiers, Assemblers or Meta Milita)- a much better take on the Avengers. Personally, I’d love to see DC use these characters more- toss in General Glory as a Captain America, and create and an Ironman mirror as well, for more fun. So, here is Wandjina, DC’s Thor. Be cool to see JMS work on him sometime!

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Well hey there, did you check out the newest issue of Cindy Li? Well why the heck not! It’s free for Pete sake! This issue finally explains what the heck has been going on- enjoy :)

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